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Flaunt Salon Stylist Studios

Start, or expand your OWN business


 Flaunt Salon is a modern trendy salon that caters to individual salon ownership. We provide hair stylist professionals with the freedom and flexibility of their own open space salon. Flaunt Salon is a booth rental salon with an upscale environment.  Flaunt Salon is where a creative artist can be around like minded individuals and still be their own boss.

We are a collection of stylists that love that full service salon environment.  Each stylist has their own salon key.   Come and go as you please, schedule clientele any hour you or your client may need.  Both customers and stylists love to be in a fabulous salon with plenty of space, seating area, and refreshments.  A beautiful and spotless clean salon with a separate client restroom.  

Your station has plenty of room and storage space.  The shampoo bowls are stand behind design with plenty of room for your favorite shampoo, conditioner and back bar products.  You will also have more storage area and a private restroom for all stylists at the back of our salon.  The salon is cleaned for you, just keep your work areas clean. No need for a mini salon license.  Flaunt Salon maintains the Salon license for you.  WiFi is offered for you and your clients. 

You will have the freedom of being your own boss. Purchase and support the products you like and are familiar with. Feed off the creativity of the stylists and clients around you.  Let's face it, being in a small box with a new client is not always the best scenario.  You may have clients that do not want to be left in a small box while they process because you walked outside to make or take phone calls.

If you are a successful Hair Stylist with a clientele base come work in a salon where you can showcase your talents.   Be in an atmosphere that complements artistry and helps build your clientele.

  • For more information and availability please call Mary 281-282-7198 


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